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Our mission at the Triangle/Chino Winds NRCD is to advocate for all local agricultural producers. We are dedicated to coordinating with governing agencies and local landowners to achieve conservation goals.

Separate and Independent Realities

By Reuban Verner

In the study of physics, it has always bothered me that light is considered both wave and particle. Photons exhibit properties of both, known as wave-particle duality, and so it is that two completely separate things are true at once. I wondered at the beginning of the Covid pandemic how long before the issue became politicized. It wasn’t long. In the spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste, even a virus is now an opportunity for gaining control. We now know that this particular threat will not be the end of us, but I wonder; now that we have shown our willingness to roll over and shut society down without any real solid information about the threat, what will happen next time around? Will societal shutdowns like this-and the economic damage that ensues- now be a regular occurrence? Or was this an anomaly? We as a society have always prided ourselves in learning from our mistakes and eventually mastering any challenge at hand. We now face a generational challenge. We must learn how to manage a crisis with very little information, and yet still not overreact in such a way as to cause more harm than good. It is imperative that we find a balance for this type of thing, because while this particular virus is not the one that will kill us all, the next one might be. Remember, two things can be true at once; we need a plan for responding to a pandemic that doesn’t involve shutting down most of the economy, because we cannot afford to every time there is a hint of foreboding. Viruses will always be a serious and unpredictable threat, but a measured response while clearly stating what we don’t know would have gone a long way back in March. Hysteria seldom looks reasonable through the lens of history. So if anyone tells you that there was never any reason for concern, or that we should still be under house arrest, tell them to brush up on quantum mechanics.

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