Triangle/Chino Winds NRCD

Our mission at the Triangle/Chino Winds NRCD is to advocate for all local agricultural producers. We are dedicated to coordinating with governing agencies and local landowners to achieve conservation goals.


By Reuban Verner

        I attribute much of my patient approach with life to being a lifelong Cardinals fan. Where there are no expectations for competence or success, there can be no disappointment. If you are going to root for a historically lousy team, you have to learn to embrace

stoicism. I will admit to occasional lapses in discipline; highly touted draft picks and big-name free agents will occasionally inspire irrational hope, but a reality check always comes by late September.

This has been better training for a career in production agriculture than any of the formal education that I paid for. The weather, the markets, the workload and the glacial indifference of bureaucracies all conspire to provide constant obstacles to growing food for a living. This is reflected in the number of young people choosing other careers; the median age of ranchers has been rising for my entire lifetime. Given the challenges, I understand.

The joy to be found in losing sports teams comes in the individual moments. The tailgate, Larry breaking yet another receiving record, the antics of the broadcasters, all take on more significance when there is no expectation of a win. Likewise, the satisfaction I find in a career in ranching comes in the things that might otherwise be taken for granted. A good storm, pleasant company, working pipelines and never having to wear a tie all mean that much more with perspective.

Alas, the future has me nervous. The Cards, with an all-pro quarterback still playing on his rookie contract, are pushing in all their chips. After a .500 season last year and the arrival of JJ Watt, they might actually be relevant. I suppose we fans can learn to adjust to considering wins important, but all the same I am relieved to know that I have ranching to fall back on for respite.