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Rebecca Brimhall 


Rebecca Brimhall is a native of Arizona and is part of a multi-generation

farming family. Her great-grandparents are among the earliest farming homesteaders of Idaho and Utah. She grew up running around the farm houses and playing in summer pastures while visiting her grandparents and cousins up north.

Her family and parents have always had home gardens, and are still cultivating new and more environmentally friendly ways   to grow food at home. Peas off the vine, for instance, are called “God’s Candy” around the shelling table.

Rebecca married into the Brimhall family, where her late husband, Golden was the third generation to own and manage cattle in the Upper Burro Creek allotment. “Stay-at-home rancher’s wife” is one of the many titles she’s given herself over the 22 years since marrying in. Learning to manage the resources and care of our stewardship over the land have become part of her history, as well as that of her children.

Rebecca has over 13 years of assisting in early childhood education classrooms, and has been reading for Western Yavapai Conservation Education Center (WYCEC) since February,2016. Her love of children, excitement to share the content of the presentations, and enthusiasm for teaching with zeal have made her a favorite presenter among the children and teachers of the Chino Valley Schools. Being able to point out farms and ranches nearby, as well as giving first hand stories of her own farm-style living, have been instrumental in relating the curriculum to children.

Continuing the conservation education programs in Chino Valley have brought her back to the classroom over and over again throughout the last four years, and she hopes to continue her relationship with WYCEC for many years to come.

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