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Meet your

WYCEC Reader

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Brayden Hill

Hello, my name is Brayden Green. I am 22 yrs old and currently live on
the Maughn Ranches in Kirkland, AZ with my fiancé. I have always been
interested in agriculture, I attended Arizona Agriculture Equine Center.
While in school and I was fortunate enough to have the ability to Junior
and then High School Rodeo. After graduating high school, I worked
hard and was able to able to get my Women’s Professional Rodeo
Association Pro Card. For the past few years I have been able to travel
and rodeo while making some amazing memories and great friends
along the way.

Agriculture education and sharing information is very important to me.
We need teach the next generation about conservation, lifestyle and
basically, where our food comes from. I am excited about sharing my
passion for our environment, respect for animals and life style with our
next generation in hopes then next generation can carry our lifestyle
forward for generations.


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