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Upcoming Events

Triangle and Chino Winds Districts Meeting 

January 12, 2021

Location TBD


January Yavapai Ranching

February Dr. Seuss

April AG Literacy



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Happy New Years !! Its not too late to add your class to our videos !! Email, call or text us with your school, name, class grade and size!!

Thank you to Chasidy Chiantaretto for always looking for ways to keep learning about agriculture fun!! 

Mission Statement

Western Yavapai Conservation Education Center- WYCEC - informs and communicates with its pioneers of today and tomorrow about the wise use of our natural resources to maintain a sustainable, productive and healthy resource base for all our communities and caring for them.

WYCEC's focus is to spread knowledge of conservation issues and provide environmental education to the schools and public. There are 3 primary conservation issues that we focus on

1: Water cycle and aquifer recharging

2: United States food and fiber production

3:Soil Health

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